Hi, my name is Vicki and I am ‘More Than Cupcakes’. Thanks for visiting my blog. I originally started this blog with the intention of it just being about food and food photography. But over the past year it has become ‘More than just Food’ and other interest have crept in. So I have decided that I won’t place myself in a box and I will blog about ‘More Than Cupcakes’. So what you are likely to find on this blog is photos and words from the kitchen, at the table, behind the sewing machine and life in general.


I come from a family of food lovers! Family occasions and memories seem to revolve around food. My mum started my passion for baking. I was probably about 4 years old  when I started having fun in the kitchen,  and cupcakes were the very first thing I can remember making.

My dad inspired my love of photography, which came a little later at about the age of 11. I remember going on a school camp with a little wind up camera ( I still have those photos) and from there the interest grew. My dad was always there to give me tips along the way. Getting to play around in a dark room was also great fun, but then the age of digital dawned! With my SLR and some amazing tips from a friend(awesome photographer) I feel like I have had my camera glued to my hip but then the iPhone was invented. I must admit that I use my iPhone camera way more than my SLR as it is aways with me. But I am challenging myself to use my Canon SLR more often as it takes amazing shots.

My fabric addiction I owe to my mum. She has been sewing since before I was born. I currently sew on her first ever machine, a cute little Elna which works amazingly well and I could probably pass it onto my children one day. My Mum taught me to sew when I was very little and I started making my own clothes at around age 8. When my teens hit I lots interest as it suddenly wasn’t so cool. My passion for sewing and fabric started up again a few years ago and I just love it. My Mum is an amazing quilter so I feel very lucky to have her close by for a second opinion. Follow her on Instagram @suzistyles

I love being creative… what can I say –  I am simply ‘More Than Cupcakes!’


5 Responses to About

  1. Suzanne Anderson says:

    Love this photo. You look so sophisticated!

  2. Jo Wynne says:

    My friend! I’m a fan:) So proud of you for doing this. I’m inspired already! Photo’s, food, witty text- all fabulous! Congratulations.

  3. Michael says:

    Here you go Vicki! Proof I’ve read you’re blog! Good stuff – keep up the writing 🙂

  4. Warren Langridge says:

    Wow, very colorful and exciting!!! Great to see that you are in pursuing your passion/hobby. Hope to see more exciting food….mmmm

  5. sahrene says:

    So lovely to see your creativity and thoughts here Vicki…and more importantly, to know you in person! You are a treasure and I look forward to reading more X

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