Time flies when you are having fun!

continent number 4

I think the title of this post is so fitting for where ‘I have been’ because I haven’ been on the blog for a while. Sorry about that. I am sure some of you were looking forward to hearing how my last 2 continent adventures went and how live on continent number 4 is treating me. I have been waiting for some crucial photos before I wrote those posts and sadly put off writing about anything else until I had those photo. I have also been having some technical difficulties which I am in the process of sorting out and then things will be back on track.

So I will be updating the blog soon with my adventures as well as the crafts that have been keeping me so busy. I have also updated my ‘about’ page as I realise that I want to share more with you then just food. I am still a foodie lover but I am ‘More than Cupcakes’ and I want to share that with you.

So watch this space and hopefully I won’t keep you waiting 4 months again.

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